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Welcome to our Virtual Garage!

A&M Garage LLC is a Texas company, committed to providing a friendly and reliable connection
between vintage motoring enthusiasts in Europe and the Americas.

For those who would love to buy and export a vintage vehicle from the States, we offer a range
of services as an intermediary to help you realize that dream. We provide foreign buyers access
to the the real US vintage vehicles market and eliminate unnecessary risk and expense.

We can also provide brokerage services support between US sellers and
overseas buyers for classic car, motorcycle, and parts transactions.

In addition, we are distributor for some of the finest US and Italian made products
available for vintage vehicles.

Have a look inside and see what we're up to!

Borrani Dealer for the Americas Vintage Air Dealer & EU Distributor Time Machine Garage - Vintage Motorcycle Service & Borrani rims

European Parts and Tires

Giuliana Vignale Paintings

Dave's Perfection Automotive
Mercury Charlie
Gary Howard

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