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A&M Garage Treedom Project

A&M Garage is pleased to introduce you to Treedom.

Treedom is the only website that allows people and companies to plant trees at distance
and follow their history, creating small sustainable agroforestry systems and
financing local farmers around the world directly, so as to create not only environmental
benefits - such as global CO2 absorption, reforestation, the protection of biodiversity
and the territory - but also concrete social and economic benefits.

A&M Garage Treedom Friend Forest - Let's green the planet

Every single tree is planted, photographed, geolocated and visible online.
You can also create forests, participate in existing ones, donate trees to anyone
you want, and personalize your gift or your tree by giving it a name and
writing a message on its dedicated page.

A&M Garage LLC wants to promote such commitment and it's officially a

A&M Garage LLC - Treedom Friend Logo

Discover our profile, explore our company forest (⇧ banner) and, above all, take part
to our project - by clicking here below⇩ - and planting your trees in the


the "shared forest" of our Team, dedicated to all our friends, customers and followers!

A&M Garage Team Shared Forest on Treedom

Looking forward to see your trees on Treedom and... let's green the planet!

For info write us or contact Treedom directly from their website or social network pages.

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