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A&M Garage LLC is an American company with its unique base in Austin, TX.
We have trustworthy and professional connections in the US and Europe allowing us to work
with complete competence at the international level for the purpose of providing services
and products to vintage vehicles and parts customers.

Our operations:


We offer a brokerage service to search for, purchase and/or export (primarily) vintage
vehicles located in the US and provide all professional assistance required.
Different service options are available depending upon customer needs.

A&M Garage operates without any over charges on mandatory costs (such as transports or duties),
We manage each transaction with quotes and signed agreements to insure safety for both buying
and selling parties. Every vehicle purchase is done at the true agreed upon seller's asking price.
We do not act as a buyer and reseller with mark up to the European customer,
to guarantee to everyone the access at the real US market.

Our main services in field are:
Export service
Assistance for the evaluation and the research of desired vehicle
Dealing at distance or on the site
Purchase through us at distance or on site
License plates offer via Holland

When we receive a request by email, we enclose at our first answer our "how we operate" file where
we explainthe terms of the here mentioned services, providing their costs; we also give as precise
as possible indicationsabout the mandatory expenses required, as the indicative timings to be expected.
(In this regard, we suggest you to visit also our section "Import to Europe - Costs")


For the Americas:

Borrani Official Distributor for the Americas Time Machine Garage - Vintage Motorcycle Services and Borrani rims

Also A&M Garage is Vintage Air Texas dealer and official distributor for the "Continental Central Europe":

Vintage Air Official Dealer & European Distributor

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Mainly for vintage vehicles and after evaluation of each request, we can provide suggestions
to purchase spare parts and accessories, correct tires, etc...
both for American and European cars, both in the States and from Europe.
We can also offer you an assistance service for exports from the United States towards
any European location, via container or via our FedEx account.


A&M Garage is lucky to know highly specialized mechanics with over 30 years of experience
and affiliated shops - in the US and Europe - operating in the vintage vehicles field for as much time
and on any type of car or motorcycle: from the cheaper projects up to the most prestigious
and/or concourse vehicles. Experts and passionate that can always guarantee competence at top level.
For any type of repairs and/or modifications that eventually you would like to have done
to your vehicle, we could have what you need.

Note: the feasibility of each request is to be evaluated specifically, case by case, with customer and shop.

For any information, advice or for inquires do not hesitate to contact us!

Borrani Americas Dealer Time Machine Garage - Vintage Motorcycle Service and Borrani rims

Vintage Air Dealer

A&M Garage European Parts & Tires

Giuliana Vignale Paintings

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