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A&M Garage LLC is a US company with sole base in Austin, TX which – in exclusive and close collaboration with its European Partners and Agents in Holland, Classic Import and Ricambi Speciali – among others, offers intermediary services for the search and/or export of mainly vintage vehicles in/from the territory of the United States of America and in/from the territory of The Netherlands and Germany. Its whole Team guarantees professional assistance for every necessary aspect, proposing different options based on the customer’s needs and specifically evaluating each individual request. A&M Garage LLC operates without charging mandatory expenses (such as transport or taxes), always regulating every negotiation with estimates and contracts to guarantee all parties involved and always evaluating all vehicles with their real value, according to the demands of the market of the moment, and, therefore, without ever buying to resell.

A&M Garage LLC also operates as dealer and/or reseller and/or intermediary for third-party companies, offering products and services. In all these cases, the terms, conditions and warranties of the company represented apply.

For all Borrani products, consult the dedicated “Warranty and Disclaimer” section.

A&M GARAGE LLC, RUOTE MILANO S.r.l, VINTAGE AIR INC., RICAMBI-SPECIALI, TIME MACHINE GARAGE LLC, HAGON PRODUCTS LTD are not responsible if products are improperly installed or misused by customers.

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