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Reading through this section you can easily get an idea of this part of the "mandatory expenses"
needed to address the export/import of a vehicle from the States.


Shipment quotes - from the place where the vehicle chosen/bought to the warehouse of our
carrier/port - are calculated for each specific case, always without any mark up by A&M Garage,
as well as all the other mandatory expenses (like transportations, duties, etc.).
Ex.: Austin, TX - Huston, TX approximately 275-300 USD.
(by "open truck" - out of State - about: USD .60 - 1.00 per mile - very indicative range
by "enclosed truck" about: USD 1.00 - 1.60 per mile - very indicative range)


Through "our" freight company, the indicative costs for the ocean transport - into a shared container,
preparation of vehicles, cargo, and US port fee included - to us are for ex.:

900 USD (each) for all cars and small trucks;

Small/Midsized cars: 750 USD (each)
Small Trucks/SUVs/large cars: 850 USD (each)
Large Trucks/SUVs: 950 USD (each)

from 995 USD up (each car)
from 1,295 USD up (each Truck/SUV)

Small/Midsized cars: 800 USD (each)
Small Trucks/SUVs/large cars: 900 USD (each)
Large Trucks/SUVs: 1,000 USD (each)

Motorcycles: from 400 USD up (each)

However, it's always our rule to prepare specific quotations for each customer.
A&M Garage is not responsible for sudden changes in quotations.
The costs for the shipment of parts, pallets or whole containers, are specifically estimated.

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CFR Rinkens, LLC website photos and video

Normally, the vehicles are loaded in sealed containers (shared with other cars and / or motorcycles).
We do not carry direct shipments to Italy anymore, because high costs and timings.
We do not recommend shipping transports by RO/RO ("bridge spot") - option to be agreed.
At any time and independently of us, the above prices may be subject to change.

In the Netherlands - where, for min. 30 years old vehicles, facility on import taxes exists -
our European agent and partner will take care of every aspect of the import on behalf of our clients,
if it's possible and if it's requested, plates offer can be included.
(We recommend you to visit the sections dedicated to these topics!)


Every inland transportation from Holland starts from one of the two our collaborators locations,
to reach directly the address supplied by our customers, anywhere in EU, by "open truck".

A standard rate of 0,70 Euro/Km applies except in "packaged areas",
like Italy and Switzerland, where the cost will be set according to the freight company's quotes.

Here some sample drafts:

- Holland: 0,70 Euro/Km
for instance Amsterdam: 75 Euro

- Belgium: 0,70 Euro/Km
for instance Bruxelles: 160 Euro

- Germany: 0,70 Euro/Km
for instance Munich: 525 euro; Berlin: 425 Euro; Hamburg: 300 Euro

- Austria: 0,70 Euro/Km
for instance Wien: 775 Euro

- Switzerland: "flat rate" - North: 500 Euro; South (Italian border): 650 Euro

- Italy: "flat rate" for North, centre-North and centre (South Italy to be evaluated)
for instance Milan: 750 Euro; Florence 850 Euro; Rome: 1.050 Euro; Bari: to be evaluated.

- France: 0,70 Euro/Km
for instance Paris: 320 Euro

Exact freight cost and time for delivery will be communicated and agreed upon
with the customer via e-mail in each case.
Costs may change from above quotes in the future.

Please contact us for a detailed appraisal.

Once the customer will welded the "EU part" - by express courier - we will send to his/her address:
- original Title
or the European tags papers (see our dedicated section);
- duties paid bill;
- receipt of duty clearance for the nationalization of the vehicle.

For any information, advice or for inquires do not hesitate to contact us!

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