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According to the 2019 financial Dutch law - approved at the end of 2018, with effect from 01/01/2019,
for all vehicles over 30 years old,
(according the date on the original Title) import duties are calculated:

at 9% of VAT on declared sales value / on declared sales value + Ocean freight cost.

About all the other vehicles considered "modern",
see the calculations described in the sample below, considering: Dutch VAT at 21% and
- for cars: 10% duties;
- for motorcycles up to 250 cc: 6% duties;
- for motorcycles above 250 cc: 8% duties;

If a customer would like to clear a vehicle in his/her country of residence
(usually not recommended), we can evauate to proceed with a document of transit (called T1):
in this case, the customer must personally settle the costs due, according to current regulations,
with VAT/IVA and duties rates of his Country and without tax relief of import duties.

Example - Import taxes without facilitation:
For ex., according to the Italian laws import duty and sales taxes are always:

- 10% import duty is calculated from the declared value + Ocean freight cost
(for the declared value is necessary a proof of payment - ex. bank wire transfer receipt -
and a pro-forma invoice)

- 22% Sales Taxes are calculated on a total value of:
duty + vehicle declared value + Ocean freight cost.

[for a TOTAL roughly of 34% of the declared value including freight]


Indicative costs about shipments to Holland (usually to Rotterdam, NL),
according to the new Dutch Customs regulations (2018/2019):

Terminal Cycle:
850 Euro per car / 750 Euro per motorcycle.
It includes: container unloading and cleaning, port/Customs fees, import application,
including the withdrawal and the transportation to our partners shop or
the pickup and the delivery to the European carrier for the final shipment.

"Financial transaction release fee"
Customs account fee calculated - per vehicle - on the base on its USD value:
from zero up to 10,000 USD = 50 Euro fee / over 10,000 USD up to 25,000 USD = 100 Euro fee;
over 25,000 USD up to 50,000 USD = 150 Euro / over 50,000 USD up to 100,000 USD = 275 Euro;
over 100,000 USD up to 180,000 USD = 350 Euro* / over 180,00 0USD = to be evaluated*.

*over 100,000 USD value is also mandatory to get from customer a deposit
for the import duties due (VAT), equal to the 80% that amount.

The "financial transaction release fee" is required with these terms
according to the actual Dutch Customs regulations (2019).

For any information, advice or for inquires do not hesitate to contact us!

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